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A Place of safety, fun and love for you dog

There are many reasons why you may be interested in using Unleashed play & care centre, either on a regular basis or just as a as and when service. You may work long hours, need to visit a relative, want to take the kids out for the day, pop to the shops or even just to let your dog come in and have a play with their doggy friends. What ever your needs we are here to take great care of your four legged friend.

As well as the convenience and peace of mind for you, there are plenty of ways in which Unleashed play & care centre benefits your dog through socialisation, mental stimulation and exercise.

Leaving your dog at home can be lonely for them - its often a guilt trip for you too. Unleashed play & care centre provides a safe caring environment where you can leave your dog for a few hours or all day if you need.

Dogs get to do their favourite things - make new friends, play and explore - instead of being cooped up indoors on their own. Their confidence grows, minds are kept active and their energy is expended ready for a nice long sleep when they get home.

We have 3 large playrooms, the dogs are sorted into these areas by being matched with their equals in energy. This means they'll get the best from their time they are with us. They'll spend their time meeting and greeting each other, which usually involves fun games too. Whilst in the play areas, the care team set up different activities to stimulate and teach the dogs. This includes group training tasks, introduction to some agility toys, negotiating a circuit in a specific order or just chasing bubbles and splashing in the paddling pool. Regular down times are incorporated into the day to make sure some energy is recouped. We also have quieter spaces for dogs who struggle to settle. For the younger and older pack members there is often more rest time to enjoy those all important snoozes.

“Extremely professional and caring team, who obviously love their job & all the lovely dogs in their care, and all the dogs are all very happy at Unleashed”

Bonita Butler

“My dog has been visiting Unleashed for 3 years and is always excited when we drive up, the staff are very friendly. I find Unleashed very good value and have peace of mind knowing Jerry is happy and well looked after” - Steve Johnson

“My dog Alfie has been coming here since he was 6 months old and absolutely loves its. The staff are lovely, friendly, helpful and clearly passionate about what they do. I trust them with my dog which is important. I definitely recommend this place! ” - Lisa Hunt

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