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Do you have any dog behavioural issues?...

All dog owners want a happy and well balanced dog...however for a variety of reasons some of us find ourselves with dog behavioural issues that can seem hard to fix.


These issues include:

Aggression - Both dog to dog and dog to human

Anxiety and nervousness including separation anxiety

Pulling on the lead

Hyperactivity and over excitement 

Excess barking


Unleashed is now here to help and assist you to overcome these issues and provide results that last.

Our new and very unique dog training service is now up and running. Unlike most approaches that try to help dogs change, our approach recognises the fact that the problems we have with our dogs are not problems to them!

All the behaviours that we don't like make perfect sense from the dogs point of view. They bark for a purpose, they are aggressive for a purpose, they are anxious for a purpose.....but why? This understanding is critical to enable long term change.

Helping our dogs change requires a mixture of both, dog and human training.

Simon, the owner has years of experience working with human and dog psychology. 


The sessions with Simon are designed to help you understand why your dog behaves as they do. The deep understanding opens the door for knowing the best changes to make, both at home and outside to create the behaviours you want to see. 

The facilities here at Unleashed can be particularly useful for those who experience dog to dog issues like aggression, barking and lunging. With our large therapy room and the assistance of his own dog Simon can safely support in the rehabilitation of dogs that have issues hard to fix without specialist help.

Sessions with Simon cost £75 for two hours, with additional follow ups costing £50 for one hour. Please call Simon on 07469 711909 to book your session.

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